7-Day Challenge for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Day 1: Start Your Day With Basics

Cleaning and removing dead skin cells is the first step to bright skin. Try cleaning, toning, and moisturizing twice a day, day and night.

Day 2: Get Some Beauty Sleep

At least 7-8 hours of beauty sleep every day will give you bright skin. This enhances skin texture and rejuvenates your complexion.

Day 3: Remove Your Makeup Every Single Night

Improper washing is the main cause of premature skin aging. To avoid breakouts and aging, remove makeup before bed.

Day 4: Exfoliate Weekly

Exfoliate Weekly that frequency varies by skin type. Exfoliation minimizes pores and brightens skin.

Day 5: Drink Water & Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping hydrated and drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily is a frequent strategy to develop beautiful skin

Day 6: Give Your Skin Time to Breathe

Use fewer skincare products to allow your skin to breathe. Sometimes naked skin heals and becomes healthy without makeup or cosmetics.

Day 7: Understand Your Skin & Treat It Accordingly

Each skin type and concern is unique. Understanding your skin and treating it properly is the greatest way to shine. If you have dark spots, seek for treatments  that target them.