7 Haircuts Women Over 50 Can Get For A Refreshed And Age-Defying Look This Spring

Wispy Shag

Shegs are "amazing cut that is well-recognized for being versatile," Rivera explains. On Halle Berry, a classic shag "Good for longer and shorter hair."Like the bob, "adding a bang may provide a new surprise to this appearance," Rivera claims.

Textured Asymmetrical Lob

"This style is so hip that it’s perfect for making our ladies in their prime look super chic," he adds. "Removing a bit of length from the hair, [adds] movement and creates a youthful appeal."

Wavy Lob with Sideswept Fringe

 As for the haircut basis, "The shape is usually more rectangular or square, with a very defined linear design, which brings a more modern and sophisticated look with a minimalist style."


If you can't choose a bob or pixie, don't worry. Not necessary! Guerrero says Kristen Stewart's 'bixie' (bob-meets-pixie) is trendy for winter and attractive. Fall is a terrific time to try this social media-favorite cut, which combines both styles.

Layered Lob with Curtain Bangs

Jarman notes that layers may quickly give volume and disguise forehead creases, and adding bangs to a textured bob (as seen on Kerry Washington) can bring attention to your eyes.

Long, Feathery Layers

"Longer side bangs" and "face framing pieces" like Jennifer Aniston's "also result in a more youthful appearance by drawing the eye to the appealing facial features," Rivera says.

Side-Parted Pixie

Side portions provide quick volume to short hair and conjure Old Hollywood charm. Abdullah says, "in this manner, you can move the hair from one side to the other, as you wish."