8 Best Starbucks Menu Hacks, According to Baristas

Order a tweaked Caramel Macchiato

Order an upside-down vanilla latte at Starbucks without the caramel drizzle for a cheaper twist on the classic caramel macchiato.

Order a "dirty" chai wisely

Save on a dirty chai by ordering a regular latte with chai syrup instead of adding espresso shots to a chai latte, potentially saving you some cash.

Dilute your secret menu Frappuccino

Reduce the sugar content of secret menu Frappuccinos by asking for decaf espresso instead of the usual frap roast, cutting down on the added syrup pumps.

Download the Starbucks app

Customers get free coffee or tea refills when they sit in the shop, a free drink on their birthday, and $20 off products with incentives. If you frequent the chain, download the app and check out the specials and star points program.

Experiment with espresso shots

Ristretto works great with our shaken espressos, especially. If you want more espresso shots, it can add up. But if you do the math right, you can get more espresso and less water content.

Bring in a reusable cup

Starbucks' eco-friendly cup initiative can help build Star Rewards quickly. When customers bring in their personal reusable cups, they save 10 cents off the order, which is great.

Try this keto-friendly option

For those looking to cut back on sugar, Natasha suggests this keto-friendly drink: Order the iced passion tea and customize it without any liquid cane, substitute sugar-free vanilla syrup.

Adjust your Iced Shaken Espresso

Iced shaken espresso drinks are popular with baristas because they include shot of espresso. It suggested this for a client who enjoys a shaken espresso latte with oat milk and sugar cookie syrup but wants to save money.