8 Front Door Plants for Prettiest Entrance to Your Home

An evergreen shrub with leaves emitting an anise-like scent, the Anise tree (Illicium) is ideal for display by the front door. BananAppeal is a compact variety suitable for shady entryways.

Anise Tree

Canna lilies are known for their broad, colorful leaves and bright flowers blooming on spike-like stems in late summer. Display them in decorative containers for a splash of late summer color.

Canna Lily

Create a tropical ambiance at your home's entrance with mandevilla, a vining plant with colorful blooms that climbs beautifully with support. Grow it in a container with a small trellis.


Boston ferns have lush foliage that spills over containers or hanging baskets, creating a striking look. Best grown outdoors in humid climates, they require moist soil and partial shade.

Boston Fern

Bougainvillea offers tropical bursts of color when planted in decorative pots or trained to climb up a wall. It adds colorful drama to entrances, climbing and covering walls in warm climates.

Paper Flower

Boxwood is a low-maintenance evergreen shrub often displayed as a ball-shaped topiary. With various types available, it provides year-round foliage and colorful entryways.


Wax begonias are versatile plants flowering from spring through fall. They thrive in front entries, especially in shaded areas, and offer continuous blooms with minimal maintenance.

Wax Begonias

Pop Star hydrangea, a compact bigleaf hydrangea, re-blooms throughout the season and adds intrigue with lacecap flowers. It's suitable for containers near the front door.

Pop Star Hydrangea