8 Heels for People Who Hate Wearing Heels

Can’t Tame These Leopards

The leopard-print wedges are available for only $42 and will let you to channel your inner scene girl while also demonstrating to the world how ferocious your feet can be.

Put a Bow on It

With these chic lace wedge shoes, which cost about $46 each, you will appear like a quirky French girl walking down the street.

Ethical Heights

Toms claims that these wedges are created and supplied in an ethical manner, and they cost just $75.

Strap Me In

Given that they feature a covered toe, these wedges are an excellent choice for days that are somewhat cold. They cost just $35.

Summer of Love

The rainbow hues of these wedges and the hippie vibes that the braid straps give off are both things that we like, plus they are just $44!

Slingback Symphony

The price of these practical wedges is just sixty dollars, and they come with a cushioned sole and a little bit additional protection.

Boot Scootin

There is a possibility that you are searching for a full boot that has a wedge heel, and the price is just fifty dollars!

All-Weather Wedge

You can get these wedges for only sixty dollars, and they feature a comfy sole and full-foot covering, making them ideal for working or for wearing in inclement weather.