8 Hottest Ways to Have Short Brown Hair in 2024

Sleek and Slicked

The slicked-back style exudes confidence and sophistication. To achieve this look, use a volumizing mousse from roots to ends and blow-dry with a diffuser.

The Classic Pixie

The pixie cut remains a symbol of fearlessness and bold change. This short, versatile cut can be tailored to your hair's natural texture. 

The Rixie

A rounded pixie, or "Rixie," is a nod to the 60s with its sweet, curved shape. Inspired by Mia Farrow, this cut follows the head's natural curve, offering a softer look. 

The Bixie

The Bixie is a hybrid of a pixie and a bob, combining punky attitude with chic elegance. Featuring softer graduated layers, this cut has longer length in the back.

Rounded Bob

This year, rounded bobs with softer, curvier edges are trending. A chin-length bob, like Jourdan Dunn's, looks amazing with or without bangs.

French Bob

The French bob is a chic, shorter version of the classic bob, typically ending between the jaw and earlobe. This style, reminiscent of a Parisian aesthetic, can be worn in various ways 


The buzz cut is making a bold comeback in 2024, ideal for a dramatic reset. This low-maintenance style requires minimal upkeep

Curly Fringe

Curly bangs add an edgy, '80s vibe to shorter hair. This look softens the face and highlights cheekbones. Curly fringe can be styled with face-framing layers.