8 Matte Nail Designs That are Anything But Dull

Dusty Hues: Subdued purple, pink, and tangerine combine for a dusty negative space manicure that's subtle and stylish. Simply paint from mid-nail to tip on each finger and finish with a matte topcoat.

Silver, Nude, and Blue: This design features crisp sections of royal blue and light-reflecting silver tips over a clear coat, creating a stunning negative-space look.

Mint Green Tips: A mint negative space option achieved by using striping tape to section off the nails and confine the polish from the tape to the tip, finished with a matte topcoat.

Fun Designs: Mismatched mani designs with colorful accents over a matte base, creating a playful and vibrant look.

Monochrome Shades: High-contrast burgundy and red reverse French matte nails for a sophisticated twist on classic red nails.

Lovely Details: Elevate a simple matte mani with playful heart details for a sweet and charming touch.

Blush Arcs: Matte seafoam nails with contrasting blush arcs for an undeniably stylish and minimalist look, achieved with the help of nail art brushes.

Charcoal and Nude: Nude dots on matte charcoal nails for a chic and understated design that's easy to recreate at home.