8 of Most Gorgeous Long Hairstyles with Short Bangs

Mischa Barton became an icon in the 2000s for her signature hairstyle featuring eye-level bangs and sun-kissed California girl highlights. Her look was effortlessly chic, blending youthful vibrancy.

Mischa Barton

Halle Berry's hairstyle exudes a carefree beach vibe with its scrunchy texture and tousled bangs. This look is perfect for warm weather, offering a cool-girl edge that requires minimal effort.

Halle Berry

Dakota Johnson keeps her hairstyle simple yet striking with a brushed-back ponytail and softly feathered bangs. This minimalistic approach enhances her natural beauty and highlights her facial features subtly.

Dakota Johnson

Anna Faris embraced a striking milky blonde hair color paired with rounded, blunt-edged bangs that framed her face with softness and precision. This hairstyle exuded modern charm and versatility.

Anna Faris

Known for her distinctive bedhead look, Alexa Chung masters the art of tousled waves and slightly off-center parting. This style captures a blend of effortlessness and chic sophistication.

Alexa Chung

Lea Michele graces the red carpet with grace and elegance, often showcasing eye-sweeping bangs paired with beautifully styled balayage waves. This combination enhances her natural beauty and adds depth to her hairstyle.

Lea Michele

Krysten Ritter opts for an ultra-feathered look with short, piece-y bangs that add a touch of edgy charm to her style. This hairstyle embodies a sense of individuality and creativity, showcasing her bold personality.

Krysten Ritter

In a throwback to her long-haired days with bleached blonde bangs, Miley Cyrus rocked a look that blended youthful exuberance with a hint of rebellious edge. This hairstyle epitomized her evolving style.

Miley Cyrus

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