8 Popular Pizza Chains, Ranked Worst to Best

Chuck E. Cheese

Remember when you used to go to Chuck E. Cheese for fun? Now you can order their pizza to bring back those memories! The pizza has a different kind of crust, kind of like thin cornbread, but it doesn't stay good when you take it home.

Jet s

Jet's has lots of different kinds of pizza. You can choose from thin crust, deep dish, hand-tossed, or New York-style crust. They also have a special kind called the four (or eight) corner pizza. And there are plenty of different toppings to pick from too.

Papa John s

Papa John's, not Papa Murphy's, reminds us of ordering pizza to our college dorms. But now, it doesn't taste as good as it did when we were up late studying at 19. The tomato sauce is a bit sweet and lacks spice.

Rosati s

The pepperoni pizza we got from Rosati s for takeout seemed like it was put together quickly, and the crust wasn't anything special. But we did like the tasty sauce. The toppings didn't really impress us, though.

Pizza Hut

Which 90s kid didn't enjoy getting a personal pizza after finishing the BOOK IT! program or having a slice of the Big New Yorker? And did you know Pizza Hut has the biggest pizza in the world?


Sbarro is known for its pizza sold by the slice in malls, but you can also get it to take home. Originating in Brooklyn, Sbarro's pizza has that classic New York-style crust with a good char.


When it comes to fast-food pizza, we're always looking for the best crust, and Toppers got pretty close. The crust was chewy but not too doughy. They use real Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, which stood out.

Little Caesar s

Little Caesar's pizza is really tasty and super affordable. We tried their pepperoni pizza called EXTRAMOSTBESTEST and it was amazing!