8 Safe Travel Tips for a Healthy, Happy Summer

1. Eat well despite not eating well :  Take advantage of every meal on vacation to eat well. Don't eat loaded pancakes and hash just because you prefer healthy breakfast items and they're available.

2. Be well-prepared. Pack your suitcase :  Unpack your suitcase. Plan your groceries like clothes and shoes. Have food near your swimwear. Order groceries for delivery before your trip so you can unpack your arugula while unpacking your flip-flops. 

3. Bring non-perishable snacks:  Recently, I published some great nutritious snacks for the move. If you have kids, check it out. They'll simplify summer travel, I promise.

4. Makeshift dinner: An oatmeal bag, nut butter packet, and dried fruit can get you through until your next meal or snack if your trip is delayed, you missed breakfast, or you're otherwise out of luck.

5. Plan for survival. : Get a “I will survive” clean supper anyplace. Anywhere. Know that quickie marts provide Greek yogurt, almonds, and fruit. Coffee shop solely serving food? Coffee and Kind bar.

6. Sweat.  Get actual pals:  Vacations give you more time to workout! Set fitness goals before day one.  Will you finish it in the morning? Try daily sunset runs? I adore early workouts because they stimulate me all day.

7. Indulge knowingly: Include indulgent snacks on your summer vacation. Determine how long your journey is and pick a day or two to eat something tasty just because. Expect a tiny ice cream or homemade candy shop treat. 

8. Feed your soul:  Experiences, discovery, family, and vacation adventure will fuel you. Focus on memories rather than food.