8 Stylish Haircut Ideas Perfect for Long Hair

Characterized by face-framing layers that create a fluttery effect, this hairstyle is achieved through precision cutting and styling with a big-barrel iron or flatiron to enhance volume and flow.

Long Butterfly Layers

Popularized on platforms like TikTok, this style features short, face-framing side pieces contrasting with long, straight hair. Clear communication with your stylist about desired length and accentuation of facial features is crucial for this distinctive look.

Hime Cut

While technically not a haircut, long boho braids offer a free-flowing style mirroring traditional long haircuts. Installed by weaving natural and textured extensions together, these braids provide versatility and longevity, particularly for those seeking to limit manipulation

Long Boho Braids

Also known as "Cher hair" or "Marcia Brady-core," this timeless haircut involves hidden micro layers and internal layers for movement and sway. Straight to wavy textures work best for this style, with an emphasis on preserving healthy hair from root to ends through regular maintenance.

Silky One-Length

Embracing a carefree, beachy vibe, mermaid hair celebrates long, flowing locks with subtle elongated layers. Ideal for hair with a natural kick, wave, or curl pattern, this style is perfect for those looking to exude a relaxed yet enchanting aura.

Mermaid Hair

Offering a fresh take on traditional curtain bangs, soft-notched bangs are wispy and light, providing full coverage while appearing airy. This style works best on straight to wavy textures with medium to thick density, balancing well with long hair.

Soft-Notched Bangs

Combining the piece-y aspect of a wolf cut with rounded framing like a butterfly cut, the modern shag exudes effortless cool. Best suited for those with natural wave and medium to fine hair density, precision cutting with a razor is key for achieving the lived-in finish of this style.

Long Modern Shag

Making a comeback on the red carpet, side parts complement long hair with customized layers that frame the face. Ideal for medium to thick hair, this style provides lift and movement, particularly around the facial features, enhancing overall volume and dimension.

Long Layers with a Side Part