8 Vintage Hairstyles Which Always Coming Back in Style

French Braids

Step into the 1940s with vintage French braids, as seen on Hedy Lamarr. These braids feature puffed-out fronts for extra volume and curled ends.

Rag Curls

Discover the original heatless curls with rag curls. Wrap damp hair around rags or cloths overnight for beautiful, bouncy curls without heat.

Blunt Bangs

Channel the 1950s with blunt bangs, popularized by Bettie Page. Achieve her signature look with jet-black hair and short, bold bangs.

Braided Bun

Embrace a fun twist with the classic braided bun. This 1940s-inspired style adds elegance and vintage flair to any modern look.

Undone Bob

Get the messy, undone look of the 1950s with Marilyn Monroe s iconic undone bob. Achieve volume and waves for a classic Hollywood vibe.

Finger Waves

Capture the 1920s and 30s flair with sleek finger waves. Use gel to slick back hair and create defined, timeless waves.

The Bouffant

Achieve bombshell status with the Bouffant, popularized by Brigitte Bardot. Create voluminous curls and crown height for a glamorous look.

Classic Waves

For a sophisticated look, try classic waves. Long and luscious, these waves add timeless elegance, inspired by icons like Jessica Rabbit.

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