9 Fun Science Experiments for Toddlers

Make music with xylophone bottles

Food coloring makes the basic experiment with water levels in glasses or bottles more entertaining. 

Surround kids with an oversized bubble

This entertaining scientific experiment will delight kids and adults. This requires merely a kiddie pool, dish soap, and a Hula-Hoop, but the results are huge.

Watch rice dance in water

This baking-soda-and-vinegar experiment is a kid favorite, but there are more. The acid-base interaction makes rice dance and leap in the water, which is cool!

Reveal colors with chemical reactions

Baking soda and vinegar are used in preschool science projects. Drop food coloring into muffin pans and top with baking soda.

See what sinks and what floats

This preschool science project teaches youngsters to form a hypothesis, execute a basic experiment, and classify their results by property.

Learn what dissolves in water

Predict which things will dissolve in water to encourage water play. Have kids track the outcomes to find commonalities.

Grow a paper towel rainbow

Preschool science students may not recall "capillary action," but this experiment will amaze them! You only need markers, a paper towel, and two glasses of water.

Make shaving cream rain clouds

Every youngster should attempt this classic scientific project. It explains how clouds grow so saturated with water they must rain.

Blow bubble towers

Bubble science exercises to study surface tension are entertaining. Or have fun seeing who can build the highest bubble-and-straw tower.