9 Most Colorful Species in the World

Poison Dart Frog

There are more than 170 different species of these amphibians, which are highly colored and venomous.

Indian Peacock

Peacock males are said to use their flamboyant tails in order to attract possible mates. This is a widely held belief.

Lilac-Breasted Roller

The itty-bitty creature in question is the unofficial national bird of Kenya. It is little more than that.


There are several species of chameleons that possess the remarkable ability to alter their color.


Chinese mandarinfish, also known as Synchiropus splendidus, are indigenous to the Pacific Ocean.

Keel-Billed Toucan

The exquisite patterning that can be seen on the beaks of toucans is the most identifying characteristic of these birds.

Sunset Moth

Instead of having pigment, their wings are colored due to optical interference, which causes them to appear colorful.

Scarlet Macaw

The scarlet macaw, also known as Ara macao, is a huge Neotropical parrot that was once found in humid evergreen forests in the Americas. 


Anemonefish, often known as clownfish, are members of the Pomacentridae family, which is classified under the subfamily Amphiprioninae.