9 Super Flattering Hairstyles For Women Over 40 According To Expert Stylist Advice

Blunt Lob

The blunt long bob, or 'lob,' is a bold, sleek style that conveys confidence, shared Lehman. To get this look, the hair should be chopped bluntly between chin and shoulder length.

Long And Slicked Back

Slicking back long hair is a great way to create an elegant, red carpet-worthy look, even if your agenda only includes running errands or grabbing dinner with a friend.

Choppy Pixie Cut

Instead of avoiding their thinning hair as a result of aging, embrace it. For those with fine and/or thinning hair, shorter hairstyles.


When talking about extensions, Lehamn mentioned that [he does] a lot with extensions for thinning hair, including for women aged 40 and up.

Textured Bob

Lehamn says, the textured bob is a modern and effortless look that s super versatile and wearable by women of all ages. To create some more volume hair.

Romantic Ponytail

A ponytail is a practical hairstyle that keeps the hair out of your face, but the effect it has can change completely depending on the way it s styled.


Bangs are a fun way to switch things up and update your look, says Lehman. I love the polished and professional look of the ones on Christina Ricci below.

Short With Side-Swept Bangs

Step out of your comfort zone with a close-cropped look [that] feels modern when it s paired with side-swept bangs, says Lehman.

Shaved Side With Volume On Top

Lehaman offered that this style works best on naturally curly hair. It s such a fun and powerful look. The sides of the head should be shaved or cropped short.

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