9 Surprising Ingredients To Add to Your Smoothie for Weight Loss

Frozen Riced Cauliflower

Your smoothie won't taste like cauliflower, but it may deliver fiber in a low-calorie package. This may help individuals lose weight because fiber makes people feel fuller, which may help them eat less.


Pulses like chickpeas help you lose weight due to their plant-based protein and fiber. Use drained and washed canned chickpeas to make a hearty smoothie with minimal effort.


Plant-based protein, fiber, and ALA omega-3 fatty acids make walnuts nutritious powerhouses. Weight reduction is connected to eating nuts like walnuts. Adding whole walnuts to a smoothie may not be on your radar.

100% Orange Juice

Add 100% orange juice to your smoothie for natural sweetness without sugar. Children and adults who drink 100% orange juice are no more likely to be overweight or obese, according to studies.

Nut Butter

Protein powder is a popular smoothie ingredient. Instead of powders, consider almond, peanut, or walnut butter to add protein, healthy fats, and minerals to your drink.


Prunes include fiber, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals and have a low glycemic index. They sweeten smoothies without raising blood sugar like table sugar.

Green Tea

Adding cooled green tea to a smoothie may make it taste distinctive and help you lose weight, depending on what else you add. Green tea may help you lose weight due to its catechin, EGCG.

Silken Tofu

Weight loss smoothies with unexpected components! Protein often aids weight reduction. A smoothie with silken tofu adds protein and dairy-free richness. Some people lose weight by eating soy.

Bone Broth

You may not think about adding bone broth to your smoothie. Bone broth has protein and electrolytes, making it a pleasant smoothie ingredient. Freezing fresh broth in ice cube trays makes adding it to smoothies simple.