Essential German Movie Night Dishes You Have To Try

A Bavarian dinner featuring slow-roasted pork knuckle marinated in juices and cooked low and slow in the oven, often served with mashed potatoes and German beer.


Germany's version of mac and cheese, consisting of thick and soft egg noodles smothered in cheese and roasted onions. It's traditionally served with heavy meat dishes.


A savory dish made by rolling bacon, onion, mustard, and pickles around a thin cut of beef or veal. It's typically served with dumplings, potatoes, and red cabbage.


A German staple derived from Austrian roots, featuring breaded and fried meat served with various sauces like mushroom or cream gravy.


Translating to "sour roast," this classic German dish involves pickling meat in a mixture of wine, vinegar, spices, and herbs for ten days.


A savory and crispy pancake made from grated potatoes, egg, flour, and spices. It's akin to a hashbrown, crepe, and omelette combined and can be served with various toppings.


Larger than dumplings, these dough pockets are filled with a hearty mix of herbs, minced beef, and spinach. They can be pan-fried or boiled and are often topped with butter for extra flavor.