Every Single M&M's Variety You Can Buy Right Now


M&M's sometimes offers non-chocolate varieties. Same with Almond M&Ms. This variant combines roasted almonds with M&M's chocolate.

Campfire S'mores

Classic s'mores are tasty but take labor and supplies. Buy a bag of Walmart's Campfire S'mores M&Ms to avoid starting a fire. The milk chocolate-white chocolate sweet tastes like a homemade s'mores delight.


Candy like Caramel M&Ms has a chewy, velvety middle. Keep an eye out at the supermarket or convenience shop for M&Ms with a chewy caramel core for the first time.

Caramel Cold Brew

Coffee lovers will appreciate Caramel Cold Brew M&Ms. This sweet has coffee-flavored caramel, M&M's milk chocolate, and a multicolored shell. Make coffee a regular routine when morning caffeine fades.

Chocolate Bark

Maybe chocolate bark with M&Ms. M&M's Chocolate Bark on Walmart's website achieves that. Original M&M's milk chocolate candies give each bark bite a wonderful crunch.

Classic Mix

Choosing between milk chocolate, peanut, and peanut butter M&Ms is unnecessary with Classic Mix. Every mouthful has a new taste and experience from the three combined tastes.

Creepy Cocoa Crisp

Walmart still sells Halloween-themed Creepy Cooca Crisp M&Ms. The crunchy cocoa center is dipped in dark chocolate. It's a unique M&M's twist that should last.

Crunchy Cookie

The Crunchy Cookie flavor, available on Walmart's website, turns the traditional cookie inside out. M&Ms are popular in cookie dough. The interior of each M&M's candy tastes like crispy cookie dough, like your favorite cookies.

Cupid's Blend

Valentine's Day is over, but you can still get Valentine's sweets online. Amazon and Walmart sell limited-edition Cupid's Blend M&Ms featuring red, pink, and white M&Ms. These candies have heart-shaped prints.