Regenerating Oceania: the unique and unifying Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture makes a comeback

The 13th Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture (FestPAC) commences in O ahu, Hawai i, featuring dancers, singers, storytellers, and artisans from 28 Pacific nations.

After a hiatus due to the COVID pandemic, this edition marks a significant return, emphasizing the preservation of ancestral traditions alongside contemporary cultural expressions.

Established in 1972, FestPAC fosters exchanges among Pacific communities, focusing on themes such as cultural preservation, seafaring heritage, and the regeneration of Oceania.

The festival serves as a platform for political discussions on cultural ownership, identity, and regional solidarity amidst ongoing social and political challenges.

FestPAC highlights the significance of Indigenous Pacific Islanders' contributions to global culture while addressing contemporary issues like climate change and decolonization.

Despite challenges such as New Caledonia's withdrawal due to political unrest, the festival symbolizes unity and resilience across the vast Pacific region.

Through art, music, and performance, FestPAC promotes dialogue, solidarity, and awareness, reaffirming the enduring spirit of the Pacific peoples.

As FestPAC returns in Hawai i, it offers new opportunities for regional dialogue and engagement, bridging the past, present, and future of the Pacific in a unifying celebration.