The 9 best beach getaways in the USA

Miami Beach

Located in southern Florida, Miami Beach is famous for its vibrant nightlife, turquoise waters, and tropical atmosphere, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Ka’anapali Beach

Situated on Maui, Hawaii, Ka’anapali Beach boasts crystal-clear waters and golden sands, earning it a reputation as one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii.

Myrtle Beach

A popular destination in South Carolina known for its carnival-like atmosphere, Myrtle Beach offers not only Atlantic waves but also a variety of attractions and entertainment options.

Virginia Beach

Often underrated, Virginia Beach offers a laid-back vibe with warm waters during summer, ideal for swimming and enjoying activities like boardwalk strolls and fresh seafood dining.

Santa Monica & Venice Beach

These neighboring beaches in California offer distinct vibes: Santa Monica is family-friendly with its pier attractions, while Venice Beach is eclectic with street vendors and a vibrant arts scene.


Known for its beauty and celebrity appeal, Malibu in Southern California offers stunning coastal views and a relaxed atmosphere perfect for a weekend getaway.

Waikiki Beach

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, Waikiki Beach is famous for its clear waters and bustling city life, offering a mix of beach relaxation and cultural attractions like luaus and historic sites.

Panama City Beach

Situated on Florida’s western coast, Panama City Beach is renowned for its white sands and vibrant activities, making it a popular destination for both families and spring breakers.

Fort Lauderdale

Known for its natural beauty and serene vibes, Fort Lauderdale in Florida offers opportunities for scuba diving, shopping on Las Olas Boulevard, and waterfront dining experiences.

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