The 9 Most Beautiful Animal Photos You Need to See

Secretary bird

Maybelline could never match these lashes. Do not be fooled by their beauty. These powerful birds of prey have about seven-foot wingspan.

Arctic fox

As you admire the Arctic fox's luxurious fur, know that it serves a function. The fox's thick fur helps it resist the cold and its white hue helps it hide from predators.


Mandarinfish swim in the Pacific between Japan and Australia, but this photo may be your closest encounter with them. 

Panther chameleons

Panther chameleons' stunning hues are even more impressive when you realize they can change them instantly. 

Green-headed tanager

See this beauty! With their green, blue, and black feathers, Brazilian green-headed tanagers blend with the forest.

Sunset moth

The sunset moth, found only in Madagascar, has rainbow wings. Hunters see its gorgeous colors as toxic, yet humans admire it.

Glass-winged butterfly

You can see why this butterfly is named. Glass-winged butterflies hide from predators with their transparent wings.

Leafy sea dragon

The leafy sea dragon lives off east and south Australia and is linked to seahorses and pipefish. 

Resplendent quetzal

Although both male and female quetzals have vibrant colors, only males grow twin feathers.