These Are the 8 Biggest Snakes in the United States

1. Reticulated Python — 32 feet

With a length of up to 32 feet, the reticulated python is now the largest snake in the United States.

2. Green Anaconda — 30 feet

The dangerous green anaconda is the second-longest and heaviest snake in the United States today. Green anacondas have a maximum length of 30 feet and a maximum weight of 550 pounds.

3. Central African Rock Python — 20 feet

The 20-foot-long Central African rock python is another enormous python found in the United States. Their brown bodies and dark brown markings resemble those of the southern African rock python.

4. Southern African Rock Python — 16 feet

Southern African rock pythons are usually between nine and thirteen feet long, with the females being the largest and heaviest. They can reach a maximum length of sixteen feet.

5. Burmese Python — 16 feet

The Burmese python, which lives in the Florida Everglades, is another big snake found in the United States today.

6. Boa Constrictor — 15 feet

With a maximum length of 15 feet, the boa constrictor, also called the red-tailed boa, is unquestionably one of the largest snakes in the United States.

7. Asiatic Rock Python — 10 feet

The Asiatic rock python, sometimes referred to as the Indian python, is the next snake and the first invasive snake on the list.