Top 10 Power-Packed Slicked Back Hairstyles Every Man Should Try

Classic Slick Back

Exude timeless elegance with a classic slick back. Comb thicker short to medium-length hair back for a uniform look. Use strong pomade for a high shine and ask for faded or tapered sides for a modern twist.

Undercut Slick Back

Combine sophistication with a modern edge using the undercut slick back. This style features a traditionally sleek top with buzzed sides, highlighting volume and texture for a dramatic look.

Long Slick Back

Make a statement with a long slick back that frames your face and showcases your locks. Apply medium-hold gel or pomade and comb back lightly for a fresh, flattering look without weighing down your hair.

Slick Back with Fade

Add dimension and contrast with a slick back fade. A clean-cut taper fade on the sides complements brushed-back longer hair on top, creating a trendy, masculine finish. Choose from low, mid, or high fade options.

Slick Back with Taper

Opt for an elegant slick back with a taper for a professional yet youthful charm. The classic taper provides a clean-cut finish, emphasizing the full brush back on top for a refined look with minimal effort.

Slick Back with Side Parting

Younger guys can add trendy dimension with a slick back and bold side part. The hard part separates short sides from the sleek top. Consider an undercut or a mid-to-low fade for a versatile touch.

Slick Back with Short Taper

Enjoy a low-maintenance, well-defined look with a slick back and short taper. Achieve tapered sides with a longer guard for a seamless blend. Use a blow dryer and wax or pomade for an enviable slick-back.

Slick Back Pompadour

Distinctive and voluminous, the slick back pompadour features short faded sides and a smooth, tapered top. Add a well-groomed beard for a sophisticated finish.

Slick Back Taper Fade

Flattering and easy to manage, this hairstyle combines a gradual taper fade with a lightly slicked top, creating a clean and structured look.

Professional Comb Back with Tapered Sides

Sleek and versatile, this style contrasts a uniform comb-back with tapered sides, enhancing facial symmetry. Use a fine-tooth comb for a precise finish.

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