Top 9 Cheapest Countries in the World To Travel More and Spend Less


At $14 per day, Laos is a cheap destination. Discover Mekong Delta islands, waterfalls, temples, and adventure sports.


Bali's beauty and more await on Indonesia's 17,000 islands just $58 per day. Explore volcanoes and orangutan habitats on a budget.


For $59 per day, Vietnam provides vibrant city markets and Ha Long Bay and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Get affordable local meals and historical tours.


Thailand offers sunny beaches, lively markets, and ancient temples for $81 per day. Tour Bangkok and the seashore on a budget.

South Africa

South African safaris cost $90 a day including multiple scenery. National parks, Table Mountain, the Big Five, and beaches make for a memorable holiday.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers nature and adventure for $115/day. Explore jungles, volcanoes, and coasts while eating local food and living pura vida.


Mexico attracts visitors with bustling towns, ancient ruins, and beautiful beaches at $118 per day. Explore this unique North American nation's culture and cuisine.


Daily $130 Turkey combines European and Asian influences. Istanbul's grandeur, gorgeous coasts, and historical landmarks offer a mix of cultures and environments.

Dominican Republic

For $146 per day, the Dominican Republic has white-sand beaches and lush rainforests near the U.S. See Caribbean sights, taste local food, and enjoy year-round sunshine.

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